Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angelino's rules of "slacker" organization

#2 Angelino's rules of "slacker" organization

Hello Intrepid Reader

You may call me Angelino which in Italian means "little boy angel".

It won't take you long before you realize I'm not a left brained person. However I promise I will occasionally use left brained people (friends as it turns out) to correct the grammar, spelling, and other organizational errors, which the process of creativity labels peer drudgery. Keeping a few things in mind, concerning how I structure my posts, will help the reader get much more out of them.

Technology politics truth and falsehood all stem from the same source. Take a moment to guess. No no no don't try to read ahead, close your eyes for a moment and guess. Make your guess, write it down on the piece of paper (to prevent your mind playing tricks on you). Once you're ready continue to the next paragraph.

If you guessed the human brain you are correct. Politics technology truth and falsehood cannot be understand outside of an understanding of the human brain. Human thought and imagination are limitless, but put people under stress and certain "bottlenecks" occur in how people think. Without stress there would be no politics and no technology. All of the articles you see below will begin and end with the human brain. Many of the oldest reprinted articles are articles about the human brain while most of the technology and politics articles are new. Human brains are very old structures, trying to deal with all these new things, in the environments around them. After 30 some years of watching human brains at work I can tell you that the human brain has a talent for using old answers to new problems. The human element is the one consistent feature in a mental landscape that has been completely remade by technology. While humans can sometimes transcend their limitations, doing that takes effort and most human beings are even more lazy than I.

Expect to see articles that talk about how new technology will influence how people react to old situations in the future. Inventors are truly a class apart among human beings as they are the only ones that really change events. History will repeat itself a lot more without the march of technology and indeed the historical record bears this out. So take a moment to thank the inventors you read about in your history books. They're the only ones that freed you up from living the "nasty brutish and short" life, which people lacking access to technological inventions, take for granted. Making educated guesses about how human beings use or abuse new technology, is great fun. Technology is good for history because it cuts down on the tedious repetition.

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