Monday, April 14, 2014

Conversation Starters.

A former banker and real estate investor asked me for 8 points about what I believe in to stimulate a future conversation. I limited myself to beliefs about the current system. Ill do another 8 beliefs about other parts of the human experience later on.

 1-- Central Control has failed every time its tried and it tends to collapse suddenly without much explanation. What this means for the future is China is going to hit a wall and the governmental structures their will have a crisis they cant solve with typical top down leadership endemic to Chinese society.

 2--The benefits of a society where control is spread far and wide through the structure (proper checks and balances) only gain the benefits of a good structure slowly over time. In this way state socialism and oligarchy are seductive to the human mind while freedom seems like a hardship to administrators, leaders, and intellectuals the world over. All three could not be more wrong.

 3-- The American government over time will have fewer checks and balances and power will pool in only a few hands until the USA more resembles today's China in terms of governmental structure. This is very VERY bad and signals the end of America's dominant place in the world if it continues.

 4-- The source by which governments become more evil (yes Evil!) over time is money printed out of thin air by some central bank. This allows central authorities to appear expedient and efficient while destroying the economic prospects of the young and the unborn by passing the debt on to them. This is why its rare or even unknown to see governments pay for health care costs out of current revenues YEAR by YEAR.

 5-- Socialism only appears to work in the beginning. Out of every 10 currency units governments will "keep" 8 of those units for graft corruption and bribes to politicians, bureaucrats and fake capitalists with their hands in the law making machinery. Four of those currency units are used to pay some of the current obligations. The rest is never paid for but pretending consists of adding layer upon layer of inflation, debit and dubious finance on this system so it all "pretends to work". What makes this all work in the vast majority of human beings are math illiterate. The government finances in most world government should have caused huge ongoing protests as the statements put lie to the claim that "government money is your money" or that "you are the government". Lies!

 6-- The benefits of laissez faire capitalism were ignored and maligned in history books because administrators, political leaders, and intellectuals don't feel the benefits of the system and would rather create a system where they need not put in much "sweat equity". They would rather fiddle with the controls of a system that is deteriorating and will bring them down with everybody else. Why? Being rejected on a free market hurts emotionally. Emotionally its so much easier to stick issue an "opinion with a gun" also known as a "law".

 7-- Slavery did not end with the emancipation of Africans from working cash crops. Point 1-7 simply replaced obvious slavery with the sort of "mixed economy" we have today. People still get shot or imprisoned for failing to pay their taxes, so slavery never really ended. Slavery just became less obvious and more subtile and seemly invisible via bad ideas and inattention paid to absolutes. 

8-- Examples of truly free societies (societies without rulers and societies without institutionalized looters/brainwashed victims) are limited to places where their was not much surplus value to steal. For this reason anarchist places or forms of social organization look really really poor to observers looking only at effects rather then asking "why are things this way". The answer is humanity has been good at riding itself parasites that are from other species but really really poor at detecting and ridding itself of parasites in the form of other human beings that have clever stories and a police force capable of intimidating or bull shitting away from your hard earned money.